Corona Virus Lockdown at Home: A Guide to Online Resources for Kids.

Getting home with children is not always easy, but RNZ is here to help. This is our comprehensive guide to online resources for kids to learn, have fun and discover at home.

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Resources are divided by topic, but remember that there is also learning at home. TVNZ And Maori Television Websites.

See all RNZ coverage of Coved 19.

Stories / books / podcasts.

Story time RNZ is a collection of free children’s audio books, all written and produced for preschoolers, children and young people in New Zealand.

Of The best time of the story can be found here. And on any podcast app.

StoryTime RNZ is a collection of free children's audio books.

StoryTime RNZ is a collection of free children’s audio books.
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RNZ Not for children. There are 13 stories for young adult readers – parental guidance advice.

Wild Box has released a free reading of the best-selling children’s book. The way to Aroha During the 2020 lockdown, it is hoped that this will help children suffering from fear and anxiety around Quaid 19.

Or you can. See New Zealand celebrities and celebrities – including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern – read bedtime stories., Or listen to children’s books. Read aloud by well-known Hollywood actors.. There is a wide range of stories to discover, and you can search by age or style. Offers a one-month free trial, and is a great way to help kids read and stay on top of spelling while they can’t go to school.

Most New Zealand libraries also offer ebooks through their websites, and the Auckland Library has a range. Podcast


Nano Girl Michelle Dickinson is conducting live science experiments on it on Saturday at 3.30pm. Facebook page., And she also sends free experiments through it. website. Listen to the NanoGrill podcast and watch it experiment. On the website, or any podcast app.

Discover the land from your home through Globe Program. – A science and education program for children and adolescents around the world.

Of Science for children. The website is a one stop shop for science activities, quizzes, projects and lessons.

The Lab. Shares almost daily videos of science experiments to do at home, usually using only items found around the house. With 3.5 million users, he’s doing something right. Experiences are also shared. YouTube

Search for Mars on the Curiosity rover

Search for Mars on the Curiosity rover
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NASA Mars Exploration Program Curiosity Rover allows you to navigate the surface of Mars.

Learn about space, the human body, the moon and more. National Geographic Children’s Website (It also has a section on Covid 19)

Whether it’s the challenge of laying eggs or learning how to clean coins, This website Regularly posts science and cooking challenges.

MOTAT has a lot of fun activities to do at home. Check them out Here


There are many math activities, games and challenges.

Art Brain. There are lots of math games for kids to think about. (Note: A six-year-old is usually in grade 1, a seven-year-old in grade 2, and so on.)

Kids Math Games Online. There is a range of math resources for kids, including numbers and geometry games, facts, videos and more.

Math score There is a range of math quizzes for age groups.

Subtraction, Counting, Algebra, Decimals, Fractions, Archetypal That’s all.

Learn how to code for free. Code Club, Code hour Or Scratch Foundation.


Take a picture on your phone, upload it. کپو۔ Check out the app and translate it into real-time T-Rio Maori.

تی وہاناکے۔ There are textbooks, videos, study guides and a dictionary for learning Mori language.

If your child is learning German, Mandarin, French or Spanish, he or she may be interested in language resources, including available videos. On the BBC’s Bytesize website.. The website also has lessons for newcomers to learn about words, letters and sounds.

Rio Mā There is a wealth of resources to help people with their rewrite.journey, including Kikau and Mehi learning videos, as well as helpful phrase cards.

Or move on to it. Maori Dictionary To learn some new words in Maori. Just think of a word you want to learn, type it into English and press Enter. Click on the sound icon to hear how it is said.

Arts and Crafts

Check it out. List From Guardian For the top 10 virtual tours of museums and art galleries around the world.

New Zealand teacher Matwa Vahitri Potawa started. Teaching Kapa Haka to children on your Facebook page During the 2020 lockdown, and it continued when New Zealand went back to the lockdown in August.

If you’re feeling the pinch, here it is. 50 quick and easy crafts to make from home..

On DOC websiteMake your own copy of cardboard boxes, make a scrapbook of your nature or make a mask and become a bird for the day.

Doodling with Moe Williams.

Doodling with Moe Williams.
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Of Arts for Kids YouTube Channel. There are step-by-step videos to guide children on various topics. Pause and follow when you need to so you can walk at your own pace.

Or look at the artist Mo Williams teaching children how. Doodle during lockdown.

There is also a video guide for this. How to draw flowers.

Got a hand? Got a pen? Here’s how you can do it. Draw 32 animals using your hand as an outline..

Got a box? Make a puppet theater show.

There are so many types it’s hard to say. Here And Here.

Music, movement and mindfulness.

Baby Clock offers classics for children – and young at heart – at 11 a.m. on Saturdays. RNZ Concert.. some of Stories, including Peter and the Wolf, Carnival of Animals and Tan the Kiwi are collected here on our website Also.

Dance together Kids Boop., Or towards the head Go noodle For a range of motion and mind blowing videos.

Cosmic Yoga describes its videos as “healthy screen time for 21st century kids” And yoga, designed for children three years of age and older, offers mindfulness and relaxation.

Many kindergartens and early childhood care centers are sharing stories and activities on their Facebook pages.

Les Mills has partnered with TVNZ. Free fitness classes on TV And TVNZ on demand..

Here are some Free daily meditation for children.

Joe Wicks – aka ‘The Body Coach’ – regularly. Physical education sessions for children On your YouTube channel, as The Kids Coach does. Exercise session limit For different age groups

In the kitchen

Try one or all of them. 10 easy snacks kids can make..

BBC Good Food. There is a selection of recipes that are easy to make and delicious.

Jamie Oliver did a great job. Cooking section with childrenHow to get involved, the best ingredients to use, how to make pasta, healthy snacks and much more.

Chef and TV presenter Theo Michaels posts video sessions on his Instagram page and. YouTube channel.

The Heart Foundation has. Free online book Kids can cook on easy, tasty food.

Here are some Kids can make simple, tasty recipes themselves.. Check out this selection of 20 easy recipes with kids, Or take a look سپاتولٹا۔, Dedicated to helping children learn to cook.


Refer to it Great resources For ideas on how to discover creatures and nature in your neighborhood and backyard.

San Diego Zoo. An online program for children, With stories, activities, games and videos, including live videos of animals at the zoo.

Of Sounds of Science podcast from the Department of Conservation. DOC cares for New Zealand’s indigenous species and natural environment.

Take a virtual tour of Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium., And check out the great educational resources while you’re at the site.

Auckland is also in the zoo. Large range of resources For children trapped in the house during the lockdown, Butterfly Creek regularly shares stories about its creatures on it. Facebook page..

Animal section on the National Geographic Children's website.

Animal section on the National Geographic Children’s website.
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Learn all about hippos, anacondas, penguins and other animals and watch interviews with veterinarians. National Geographic Children’s Website.

Or Go here to see the animals live on camera. Around the world.

Learn everything about birds, count what you see and become part of a. Urban Science Project.


RNZ Aotearoa History Show. New Zealand’s history spans from its geological formation to the 1980s. It can also be found on any podcast app or YouTube:

Discover some interesting historical facts and learn about people from our past. National Geographic for Children.

Dive into the history of our navy. Torpedo Bay Navy Museum Discover the website, or the general history of New Zealand. Official government site.

This Ted ed lessons. Not always on history, but introduces students to important subjects.

The Auckland Museum occasionally speaks directly to children – follow it. Facebook page. For details.

Of Great plan of history. The universe explores life on Earth, humans and the future – for learners ages 11 and up.

You can always browse. T-Papa’s online collection of 800,000 artworks, objects and patterns. To learn more about the history of Aotearoa.

And finally, New Zealand Geographic. Together at home The series covers a small part of everything, including science, nature, history and art. The magazine has published a story or video of Lockdown every day, from research on King butterflies to finding out how sunlight can move things forward.


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