‘Hello saved my life’ – Lewis Hamilton in a terrible accident with Max Versatapen.

Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton and his Mercedes boss believe the Halo cockpit protection device saved the British driver’s life in an accident with his rival Max Versatapen.

Dutch driver Verstappen ran over Hamilton in a horrific accident. Australian Daniel Ricardo won the Monza Track on Monday (NZT), knocking both title contenders out of the Italian Grand Prix.

“Halle definitely saved Lewis’ life today. It would have been a terrible accident that I don’t even want to think about,” said Tutu Wolf, principal of the Mercedes team.

Max Versatapen's car overtakes Lewis Hamilton during his big crisis at the Italian Grand Prix.

Luca Bruno / AP

Max Versatapen’s car overtakes Lewis Hamilton during his big crisis at the Italian Grand Prix.

“The championship was a lot of fun so far, but we saw that Halle saved Lewis’ life today. We don’t want to see anyone in great pain.”

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The accident happened at the end of the fast start-up in Retfellow Chicken. When Verstapen tried to pass, they entered the double corners at once, but he headed for Hamilton’s car.

When they slipped together, Verstappen’s right front wheel slipped across Hamilton’s hall and onto the cockpit. He hit her on the head, but the safety device prevented a major impact.

Hamilton wasn’t entirely happy when Halla was introduced in Formula One in 2018, but he was happy to be on top of her in Monza.

“I feel very lucky today,” Hamilton said.

“Thank God for Hale. She finally saved me. And saved my neck.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been hit in the head by a car before, and that’s a big shock to me.

“We’re taking risks and that’s when you experience the real shock of how you see life and how fragile we are all.

My head is far ahead if you look at the picture. I’ve been running for a long, long time, and I’m so thankful I’m still here and incredibly blessed that someone is watching me today.

Arch-rivals Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are running to the edge during this year's Formula One Championship.

Luca Bruno / AP

Arch-rivals Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are running to the edge during this year’s Formula One Championship.

Race officials ruled that Verstapen was at fault and fined him three grids for the next round in Russia.

Hamilton suffered a fracture in Versatile because he had not checked his well-being as a Dutch driver, five points behind Hamilton in the championship rankings, and rushed to the scene of the crash.

Hamilton noted, “I saw Max get out of the car and walk away, and I felt a little surprised because when we had an incident we had to make sure first. It just so happens that the guy we’re dating is OK. “

Both drivers have had other hot moments this season, most notably at the British Grand Prix in Silverstone where Hamilton ruled, and Verstappen was not shying away from his actions in the latest incident.

Addressing the sky After the race, the broadcaster, Verstapen, defended his driving.

“We felt it was getting closer,” he explained.

“He had already cut the white line and I had to go to the green part to touch it and turn around. Of course he realized I was going for it, so he just kept squeezing me and I was with him. Wanted to work, because I wanted to race.

“Of course people automatically start talking about Silver Stone, these things happen, and it wasn’t good at the time, but I think we should all move on with it and keep each other running.” Are quite professional.

“I didn’t expect him to just squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, because he didn’t need to. Even if he had left only a car’s width, we would have gotten out of Turn 2 anyway. I think he might still be in front.

“But he pushed me wider, wider, wider and then at one point I didn’t have to go anywhere. He just pushed me to stop the sausage and that’s it, at the end of the day, why did we touch because last The tire hit the tire.

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