Police are talking to young people after the Nelson Road ridge incident.

Police are talking to a young man after a road rage incident in Nelson.  (File photo)

Crystal Yardley / Staff

Police are talking to a young man after a road rage incident in Nelson. (File photo)

A young man was followed by police. Road rage attack in Nelson He injured a 2-year-old girl by covering her in a mirror.

On Wednesday morning, a man was on his way home from Tahunanui Beach with his daughter when he collided with another motorcycle.

The victim said the other driver tried to get into his car before attacking Anis Brook Drive with a metal pole.

Her daughter covered in the attack, cut off her face and left her “mysterious”.

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A police spokesman said Monday that police had spoken to the youths involved.

The matter now sits with Youth Services “for review and appropriate action.”

After the attack, the victim said it was unprovoked and she and her daughter were traumatized.

Her daughter kept asking about the man who broke into her car.

“It’s really hard to see your child having such a painful experience, and that was very unnecessary.”

He was assisted by passersby and local businesses helped police provide CCTV footage.

Following the incident, Officer-in-Charge, Constable Darrell Fenimore, thanked those who assisted on the motorcycle and provided helpful information to the police.

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