Quad 19 updates live on September 13th – everything you need to know.

After a weekend in which tens of thousands of Aucklanders were vaccinated against code 19, health officials are preparing for surveillance in several suburbs.

Suburbs will be the focus of testing and contact tracing this week as health officials try to unravel the mystery of Covid 19, which is likely to keep the city at level 4.

The government says it will not make a decision on the city’s alert level until it has all the information in front of its cabinet meeting this afternoon, but most experts expect that the level There will be no action on 3.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has said he does not see the possibility of lowering the alert level this week.

If the warning level is coming down, it’s not on the cards, it’s a new conflict of local business confidence.

Goff says City Hall will look to the central government for help as the country’s largest city has the longest lockdown ever.

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