Springbox blows up: ‘Play like world champion champs’

World champion Spring Boxes exploded at home after their last defeat at the hands of Vallabes in Brisbane.

“Boxes play like a jump as Vallabes wins like a champion” hit the column hard on South African rugby writer Mark Kiwane. As he broke 28-26 Rugby Championship defeat..

“The Boxes lost because they lost 10 points on offer, and they couldn’t control their set with the last action of the match.”

The world champion Spring Box chased away the reality of another loss of Vallabes in Australia.

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The world champion Spring Box chased away the reality of another loss of Vallabes in Australia.

Kiwane noted that Box would have to win the next three Tests in the next three weeks to claim the championship and the date was against him.

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“They have to beat Vallabes next week and then double on the All Blacks.

The Boxes have to make history in this fight. They have not beaten Australia in eight years and they have never beaten the All Blacks in consecutive Tests on neutral ground as both teams are outside New Zealand and South Africa. Never play back-to-back tests.

Mainstream South African rubies were criticizing the media spring box.

“The Spring Boxes were nowhere near their best, this rugby championship was too short to handle large parts of the clash,” the report said. Game 24.

“It is often said in elite sports that a sign of a championship winning team is that they have the ability to win despite playing poorly, and that was not the case here.

“Nowhere near the erroneous, undisciplined and clinical standards that made him the 2019 World Cup winner, and more recently, the British and Irish Lions series winners, the boxers were poor, and punished.”

Rob Houwing, too Game 24, Felt that Box had almost escaped, but then only blamed himself.

“The best thing you can say about Springbooks is that they’re almost out of jail,” he wrote.

“But then someone broke into a prison cell to warn the wardens (or read: expensive full-time scrum penalty waiver, veteran Quad Cooper illegally removed) because Walbiz suffered a setback. Found but he was only capable of victory.

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The All Blacks were completely dominant against Argentina for the third victory of the Rugby Championship on the Gold Coast.

This is a blow to Box’s chances of retaining the title, which was last played on a four-nation basis in 2019: Unbeaten log leaders New Zealand are really in the driving seat for the honors.

Veteran South African rugby writer Gavin Rich also felt that boxing was his own worst enemy.

“There could be a box, and maybe there should have been a win,” he lamented. Super Sport. Rugby, lack of discipline and extraordinarily poor goal kicking notes.

“But it has often been the story when South Africans are in Australia, and they will go back to Brisbane on Saturday for a game when they will face a severe test of their mental strength because of what is happening. It will end for them. They have often lost in Australia when they should have won.

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