19: The pair allegedly tried to cross the Auckland border with 2kg of cannabis.

Police say a small number of people have been arrested near checkpoints on the Auckland border.

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Police say a small number of people have been arrested near checkpoints on the Auckland border.

Police say three people have been arrested on charges of violating lockdown laws and drug possession at checkpoints near the Auckland border.

Two men, aged 36 and 52, were stopped in their car at Auckland’s South Mercer checkpoint on Sunday. A police spokesman said they had issued travel exemption notices, but were not traveling for essential purposes and both had more than 2kg of cannabis.

Police said officers at the checkpoint smelled cannabis coming from the vehicle.

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He was arrested and was due to appear in Manukau District Court today.

The couple faces charges of possession of drugs and failure to comply with the order of Coved 19.

Elsewhere, on the northern border of Auckland, a 29-year-old man was found in possession of methamphetamine. The spokesman said he was found running along the tracks of the train, trying to avoid a checkpoint separating the Auckland and Northland areas before he was spotted by officers.

He was issued a notice for violating Level 4 alert restrictions and will appear in court next month on drug charges.

Meanwhile, police are continuing to question one. Auckland couple who went to Wanaka for allegedly violating the lockdown., And said that these incidents show “complete disregard for the law”.

“The most frustrating thing for the police is that these incidents deviate from the high level of compliance shown by the public to date.”

As of 11.59pm on Sunday night, 841 of the 71,081 vehicles had departed from Auckland’s southern checkpoints, and 263 of the 16,071 had left the northern checkpoints for unnecessary travel.

A total of 75 people have been charged with 75 crimes since Auckland Alert Level 4 began.

About 1,165 people have been alerted to a variety of crimes, while 7,867 online breach reports have been received by police in connection with business and large gatherings in Auckland.

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