A Wedding Scene: A Surprising New Update to Neon and Soho’s Swedish Classic.

Overview: It was a 1973 Swedish TV series that inspired everything. Nuts landing. To Before midnight, Woody Allen. Husbands and wives. And Netflix. Wedding story.

Ingmar Bergman created, starring Leo Olman, a six-part drama based on the couple’s own relationship and the popularity of which has been blamed for the rise in divorce rates across Europe. And the program whose filming and re-packaging angered everyone from Frederico Fellini to Frank Capra as a result of the Oscars, the Academy named it the best foreign film because of its small screen. Disqualified for

Now, almost 50 years later, Wedding scenes. (Streaming on Neon from today and debuting on SoHo tonight at 9.30pm) Updated with equally thought-provoking and captivating results for the new generation and modern sensibilities.

Ingmar Bergman’s Scenes from a Marriage was first released in 1973 as a Swedish mini-series.

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Directed by Israeli writer-director Hegai Levy, who helped set up the drama of relatively recent popular American relations. under medical treatment And Affair, Views. Still, as the title suggests, there are important moments that seem to bring about a commotion and love between a seemingly solid couple.

When we first meet Meera (Jessica Chastain) and Jonathan (Oscar Isaac), one of their gender studies PhD students is interviewing for her dissertation on how the evolution of gender principles is related to each other. Affects Through a series of investigative questions, some of which are clearly hurting me, we learned that he is the 39-year-old vice president of product management at a tech company, while he is a 41-year-old asthma, academic.

Married for almost 10 years, they have been blessed with a daughter, Ava (Lily Jane), who is cared for primarily by a combination of Jonathan and a nanny. “Management makes perfect sense,” he said.

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac in a wedding scene


Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac in a wedding scene

As the couple later unravels how they met and pointed out the troubles in the previous relationship, they both struggle to explain why their marriage can be considered successful. A growing rage and distraction I clearly only want the “investigation” to end, to look even more upset after receiving a text.

Cut to the chase this evening, and the couple are now laughing about their experience with their friends (Nicole Bihari and Corey Stool), a couple whose “open” relationship is making an impact. But as Jonathan and I reflect, as they lie in bed, what they have just seen shows what he was doing during the interview.

Entitled Innocence and panic.This is the first of five episodes in the wrong direction and ambiguity master class. Levy draws us to the lives of Jonathan and Meera, invests us in their relationship and keeps guessing at what they can do to each other. Then, when an intense picture is over, we re-engage in action, just to find the result that may not be what we expected. This is a tactic that immediately disarms, misleads a bit and ensures that their drama will not be easily divided.

Helping a lot is the chemistry between Isaac and Chastain. The couple, who first agreed in 2014 as a married couple. A very violent year.Here are some simple, heartfelt conversations, sometimes thought-provoking words and the silence that passes between two people who have shared so much together.

Given his inability to express his body language and what he really wanted to express, I was reminded of one of Cameron Crow’s rare speeches. Jerry McGuire. The moment when Renee Zell Wager’s Dorothy Boyd realized that her marriage to a struggling sports agent was probably ruined from the start.

“I need to make the best of things, and you need to be ‘responsible’ … if none of us say anything right now, we could waste ten years being polite about it.”

In one of the wedding scenes, Isaac and Chastain recount heartfelt conversations, sometimes thoughtful words and the silence that goes on between the two people who have shared so much.


In one of the wedding scenes, Isaac and Chastain recount heartfelt conversations, sometimes thoughtful words and the silence that goes on between the two people who have shared so much.

But though Views. Many can show repressed emotions, the consequences are devastating when they come to the surface. Yes, there is a certain amount of theater and art about the show, which accepts it at the beginning of each episode as it follows one of the leads on the set according to Coved, but it leaves you completely But the trials and tribulations of my and Jonathan’s marriage do not stop me from drowning.

The first case of spring has come to see the meeting.

Wedding scenes. Streaming begins on Neon on September 14. New installments will also begin every Tuesday at 9.30pm on SoHo.

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