Anwar Kargil Motorcycle Racer has been re-selected for the European Series.

Anwar Kargil, a European Red Bull Moto GP Rockies Cup official, can see the potential in motorcycle racer Kormak Buchanan.

He took part in the series this year and after the last race in Spain over the weekend, he was added to the ridership line for the 2022 event.

He is the only New Zealand player to have participated in the Rockies Cup program in Europe.

Her mother, Kate Buchanan, is very proud of her.

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“He’s worked very hard there … it’s a tough environment for a young Kiwi kid,” he said.

Buchanan competed against some of the world’s best young riders, competing mostly at the age of 14 until the age of 15 three weeks ago. His best place was 16th.

Along with the Rockies Cup series, Buchanan is riding in the British Talent Cup in the UK. The last races in the series are held in early October.

Buchanan has been two-thirds in the Talent Cup. He was accompanied on a seven-month trip by his father, Stacey Buchanan.

Kate is looking forward to coming home in October.

“It would be nice to have my weekend back, and I don’t stay up all night watching. [online] Motorcycle racing on the other side of the world.

In early 2022, Yamaha will defend its Super Sport 300 championship title for the New Zealand racing team.

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