Auckland needs to stay at Level 4 for at least a week – Baker.

Michael Baker, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Otago, says today’s Cowboys 19 support Auckland’s argument to stay on alert level 4 for at least another week.

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Image: RNZ / Samuel Realstone

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that they are there. 33 new cases of covid 19 in the community. – All in Auckland

Professor Baker, who is a member of Covid 19’s technical advisory group, wants to see a steady decline in single digits before any alert level shift.

“Today’s figures show that there may still be transmission lines that health officials do not yet know about,” he said.

“So some of these issues may or may not spread in the community and that’s not what we want to see at the moment.”

He said there was concern about the situation in Auckland even before today’s numbers.

“And it’s not just numbers, it’s the fact that we’re still seeing unforeseen events every day, and it’s just as important as yesterday.”

Baker said lowering the alert level in Auckland would reduce the pressure on the virus and the city was in danger of losing all good work it had already done to suppress the virus.

That number was bad news for anyone outside of Auckland who hopes to move up to level one.

Baker said Auckland’s problem was New Zealand’s.

“All of New Zealand is connected to Auckland and I think it’s difficult for the rest of New Zealand to lower the alert level while the transmission is still going on in Auckland.”

He said the rest of the country could start thinking about moving to level 1 when Auckland Alert went to level 3.

All new community cases are in Auckland today. Of the 33 cases reported, 32 were epidemiologically related.

One case that has not yet been linked was a man who presented it to Middlemore Hospital on Saturday.

There were seven other cases in his house, all of which were included in today’s 33 cases.

The Ministry of Health also said that there are 21 patients of Kwid 19 in the hospital, four of whom are in ICU.

On another note, more than 4.3 million people have now received at least one dose of the vaccine.


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