Cove 19: In seven suburbs, Aucklanders said to do the test without symptoms.

People in seven major suburbs of Auckland are being encouraged to take the Covid 19 test even if they have no symptoms.

A deserted Central Auckland between August 2021 lockdown.

A deserted Central Auckland between August 2021 lockdown.
Image: RNZ / Robert Smith

Mount Eden, Macy’s, Mangira, Fiona, Satara, Papatoto, and Menorca are under scrutiny by health officials because of their connection to mystery cases or clusters that may contain unexpected cases.

Margie Apa, chief executive of the Counties Manukau District Health Board, said it was important that they be tested if they had symptoms – but he also wanted people without symptoms to come forward.

“We continue to see a small number of unrelated positive cases – these are cases where this person has not visited well-known places of interest, has not already been identified as a positive case contact. , And they don’t always have specific or obvious symptoms of covid 19, “he said in a statement.

“We want to build a wide geographic network around well-known clusters and unconnected business locations, so we want to see more families and household bubbles from seven Auckland suburbs of particular interest.”

Apa said surveillance would help them determine if there were any undetectable transmission chains.

People who do not have symptoms and take the Covid 19 test once for monitoring purposes do not need to be isolated while waiting for the results.

Four hundred additional testers have been trained in the past few weeks to help Auckland.

Today, the Ministry of Health confirmed. 33 new community cases of Covid 19., All in Auckland.

In the last 24 hours, 4,250 Covid 19 tests were performed in Auckland – the total number of tests performed nationwide at that time was 8,657.


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