Cove 19 New Zealand: Auckland will remain in Level 4 for the second week, the rest of the country in Level 2, as Jacinda Ardern says the lockdown is not over yet.

Auckland will remain in a Level 4 lockdown for a week as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the country has not yet eradicated the epidemic.

But the government has decided in principle to move the country’s largest city to alert level 3 at 11.59 pm on Tuesday, September 21, after five weeks of Level 4 lockdown.

At least until then, the rest of the country will remain on alert level 2, as Ordner said there is still a risk of the virus coming out of Auckland.

Arden said New Zealand had not yet finished its work.

Robert Kitchen / equipment.

Arden said New Zealand had not yet finished its work.

Order. The announcement came after a cabinet meeting and discussed 33 new cases found in the last 24 hours..

He said the lockdown has not yet sealed the virus.

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“It simply came to our notice then. But, as you’ve seen in the last few days, we haven’t done it yet, “Ardern said.

He said the government was particularly concerned about the 17 mysterious or unrelated cases found in the last two weeks.

These issues were raised through surveillance, not contact tracing, meaning the government did not know where they came from.

Of the 33 cases identified on Monday, only one was linked.

“It’s also clear that there is no widespread transmission of the virus in Auckland,” Ordner said.

At least 36 days in Auckland’s Level 4 will be the longest part of New Zealand’s Level 4, beating the original lockdown by two days.

Ashley Bloomfield, director general of health, said it was important that the extra week be used to locate any missing covid 19 infections in the community with extensive surveillance.

“Another week in Auckland is off at Alert Level Four, which gives us the perfect opportunity to finish work here,” Bloomfield said.

“I have a high level of confidence that we will revolve around this epidemic, and of course the advice we received from the public health team was that Tuesday was a date they believe It will be safe for us to move. “

Vaccines, which have grown significantly since the onset of the epidemic, will already be launched to help control the epidemic, Ordner said.

It encouraged those who had recently booked the vaccine, who were still waiting to go online, to see if they could meet first.

“If you have booked the first vaccine but it is not until October, jump online again. You will probably find that new locations have opened up and sooner than October. Please pick them up,” Ordern said. Said.

Vaccination dropped to a record high in the last week of August and the first week of September, about 5,540,000 doses a week. Only 428,000 doses were recorded from Saturday to Sunday.

National: Businesses will suffer.

Todd McKelly, a spokesman for National Small Business, said the expansion would eliminate some small businesses.

“The expected number of business deaths is expected to rise significantly in the coming weeks unless the government takes further steps to protect struggling companies from code restrictions,” McClay said.

“The level of concern for bar and restaurant operators in Auckland is particularly high, and small businesses across the country are struggling to survive under the new, more limited level 2 rules.”

“As the Kiwis in Auckland do what the government asks them to do for a fifth week and stay at home, they need to know that the government understands how painful a lockdown can be for their business. And they are determined to get through them. “

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff urged Aucklanders to continue the course.

“Another week of lockdown will be very difficult for our communities and businesses, but it is imperative that we defeat the virus once again and return to life with fewer restrictions,” Goff said.

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