Covid 19: 33 new community cases on September 13 – Ministry.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that 33 new community cases have been reported today.

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Image: RNZ / Dom Thomas

In a statement, the ministry said there were three new cases in administrative isolation facilities.

All new cases are in Auckland, bringing the total number of community cases in the current epidemic to 955.

The ministry said that today 32 cases are related to epidemics. One case that has not yet been linked is a man who presented it to Middlemore Hospital on Saturday. There are seven others in his house. All seven are included in today’s 33.

There are sub-clusters associated with eight epidemics. The ministry said the two largest sub-clusters are the Mangir Church Group – 381 and the Berkdale Social Network Cluster – 76.

The hospital has 21 cases – four in the North Coast, seven in Auckland and 10 in Middlemore. There are also four cases in ICU or HDU.

The total number of cases since the onset of the epidemic has reached 3,593.

Historically, there have been 137 out of 1775 since January 1, 2021. The four previously reported historical cases are now ‘active’ in health and have been removed from the numbers, which is why the number has dropped.

So far, 36,681 contacts have been identified and 87% of them have received outbound calls from contact tracers. At least 92% have passed at least one test.

There are 126. Places of interest.

During the test, there have been 8,657 Cowed 19 tests in the last 24 hours – 4,250 of which are in Auckland, bringing the total number of tests to 3,148,945.

No unexpected detection of wastewater in the last 24 hours.

On the vaccine, a total of 20,490 people received their first dose and 13,376 received their second dose. So far, 2,862,765 people have had their first and 1,462,725 people have had their second.

There are now 3,209,541 people registered in the Covid 19 Tracer app.

Meanwhile, the cabinet is considering changes to the alert level this afternoon, with some experts saying Auckland. Alert Level 4 cannot wait for high vaccination rates., But others warn against it. “Mystery” unconnected matters. And Cases at Middlemore Hospital Make it It is unlikely that the city will see loose restrictions. Yet.

Daily community case numbers rose again over the weekend. A total of 20., And On Saturday 23, from above Friday at 11 p.m..


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