Covid 19 Outbreak Day 27: Cases Once again, lockdown extended

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced today that Auckland. Covid 19 Alert will remain at Level 4 for another week. By 11.59am next Tuesday, the cabinet has decided in principle that Tomaki Makurao will return to Alert Level 3.

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The rest of New Zealand will remain on alert level 2 until Tuesday next week.

Alert level settings will be reviewed next Monday.

He said that although there was nothing to identify the Covid 19 outside of Auckland, the fewer restrictions there meant that there was a greater risk of it spreading if it survived.

“The lockdown is working,” said Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, director general of health.

“Testing is at a good level.

Ahead of the announcement, Michael Baker, professor of epidemiology at the University of Otago, said today’s Cowboys 19 support Auckland’s argument to stay on alert level 4 for at least a week.

“So some of these issues may or may not spread in the community and that’s not what we want to see at the moment.”

He said there was concern about the situation in Auckland even before today’s numbers.

“And it’s not just numbers, it’s the fact that we’re still seeing unforeseen events every day, and it’s just as important as yesterday.”

Baker said lowering the alert level in Auckland would reduce the pressure on the virus and the city was in danger of losing all good work it had already done to suppress the virus.

Cases increase after yesterday’s dip.

Today, 33 new community cases have been reported from Kwid 19. The Ministry of Health has confirmed.

In a statement, the ministry said there were three new cases in administrative isolation facilities.

All new cases are in Auckland, bringing the total number of community cases in the current epidemic to 955.

The ministry said that today 32 cases are related to epidemics. One case that has not yet been linked is a man who presented it to Middlemore Hospital on Saturday. There are seven others in his house. All seven are included in today’s 33.

There are sub-clusters associated with eight epidemics. The ministry said the two largest sub-clusters are the Mangir Church Group – 381 and the Berkdale Social Network Cluster – 76.

The hospital has 21 cases – four in the North Coast, seven in Auckland and 10 in Middlemore. There are also four cases in ICU or HDU.

The total number of cases since the onset of the epidemic has reached 3,593.

Ordner said surveillance of healthcare workers and essential workers also did not indicate a transmission.

“It’s also clear that there is no widespread virus transmission in Auckland.”

Demand for food parcels.

A Pacific social service provider says demand for food and essentials is high in Auckland and The newly announced government fund will help.

The government this morning announced an additional 10 million for food and essentials.

Debbie Sorensen, chief executive of Pacifica Futures, says the organization is in contact with more than 300 Pacifica people in quarantine.

So far, Pacifica Futures has spent more than 5 7.5 million on 22,000 support packages, and although package deliveries have been a bit slow during the first two weeks of the lockdown, there is no waiting, Sorensen said.

Charges for Wanaka passengers were considered.

Police said they were considering filing charges against the couple. Violation of lockdown rules Traveling from Auckland to Winaka last week.

The couple used their essential staff at a border checkpoint to reach Hamilton and then flew to their vacation home in Wanaka.

The couple – a 26-year-old woman and a 35-year-old man – will be prosecuted for violating the current health order.

The couple will be summoned to appear in court next week.

Police said he. Reported online through the CoVid 19 compliance reporting tool., And found the pair on Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Queen Steven Lakes District Mayor Jim Bolt wants to know what police will do to prevent another breach of lockdown laws and a possible spread of Covid 19 in the local community.

Bolt Told the Morning Report. The selfish act jeopardized the city’s cowardly status and economic well-being, and he will consult with the police on the matter.

“I don’t just do it out of selfishness of people who think it’s okay to do that,” he said.

Bolt said this was not the first incident of its kind and now wants a plan to reduce the risk of people slipping across warning-level borders in the region.

“Do they think about the people they are potentially endangering? I don’t think so. But my question today is to the police and how do we make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Order’s message to Aucklanders.

Ordner had a special outcry for Aucklanders who are working hard at level 4:

“For all Aucklanders, you have done an amazing job so far in protecting yourself, your family and your community.

“We owe you a huge debt of gratitude … but the case is telling us we have more work to do.

He said four weeks into the lockdown, it might be tempting to let their bubbles rest, but told everyone to take each day as seriously as they did the first day.

“People have to have an assigned person to go to the supermarket,” Ordner said.

Auckland Hospital restricts visitors.

The Auckland District Health Board will only allow patients. Compassionate visits, After a nurse union launched legal action challenging its policy around visitors.

From 7 a.m. Tuesday, visits to Auckland Hospital will be limited to sympathy grounds.

The New Zealand Nurses’ Organization then took legal action against the Health Board to tighten its visitor policy to meet with County Manukau and Veteran DHB.

Earlier, Auckland Hospital patients were allowed to nominate two visitors, one of whom could go any day.

All visitors were checked for code 19 signs.

The suburbs focused on mysteries.

Auckland’s seven suburbs will be the center of testing and contact tracing this week as health officials try to crack down. The Mysterious Matters of Cove 19

Health officials are searching for the virus in Mount Eden, Macy’s, Mangira, Fiona, Papatoto, Atara and Manoriva.

This was where they had the most concerns about the 34 cases that were unknown to existing clusters.

Health officials were already monitoring the situation – when people get sick, they look for the virus in asymptomatic people instead of waiting.

Last week they were at essential workplaces, including the Countdown Distribution Center and its two large warehouses for online delivery.

Cowade 19 in Australia

New South Wales is done. 1257 new local cases of Covid 19. And there were seven deaths last night from 24 hours to 8 p.m.

Since June 16, 2021, there have been 184 deaths from Quad 19 in New South Wales and a total of 240 deaths since the onset of the epidemic.

NSW Premier Gladys Brejiklian said 46.2 percent of NSW adults over the age of 16 received two doses and 78.5 percent received their first dose.

during this, Victoria has recorded 473 new cases of locally acquired Covid 19., The highest number of outbreaks so far.

Queensland recorded two new cases of locally acquired Covid 19 in the last 24 hours, but both were in home quarantine.

The Act recorded 13 new community cases of Covid 19 and at least 10 of them spent some time in the community. Six of the new cases have yet to be linked to a well-known case or transmission site.


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