Covid 19: ‘Suburbs of Interest’ testing center to help with mysterious matters.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is urging residents of the seven Auckland suburbs to be “especially vigilant.” Covid19 symptoms.

This comes at a time when the Order has announced the City of Sale. Stay on alert level 4 lockdown. For at least a week.

The rest of the country will. Stay alert level 2..

During Monday’s press conference, Ardern said seven “suburbs of interest” have been identified and much attention will be paid to examining their residents.

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They are Mount Eden in central Auckland, Macy’s in West Auckland and Manjira, Papativito, Manoriva, Fiona and Atara in South Auckland.

Officials want the investigation to continue in seven suburbs of Auckland.  (File photo)

David White / Stuff.

Officials want the investigation to continue in seven suburbs of Auckland. (File photo)

Arden said it encouraged people living in the suburbs to be “especially vigilant for symptoms.”

Arden said an unknown case at Mount Eden was due to the suburbs being added to the list.

He said investigations could be signaled in other suburbs in the coming days.

Margie Apa, head of the Northern Region Health Coordination Center, is urging residents of seven suburbs to go out and sweep.

Suburbs were areas where well-known clusters and Unconnected transactions Apa said, lived.

“We continue to see a small number. Unconnected positive issues. – These are cases where the person has not visited well-known places of interest, has not already been identified as a positive case contact, and does not always have specific or obvious symptoms of Covid 19.

“We want to build a vast geographic network around well-known clusters and unconnected business locations, so we want to see more families and household bubbles from the seven Auckland suburbs of particular interest.”

Apa said Tamaki Makarao was tightening and everyone wanted to see an end to the epidemic.

“If you have any symptoms or if you live in a suburb of interest and have a non-symptom test once, you can get us there by getting the Covid 19 tested.”

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