Request to change the name of New Zealand

T. Patti Maori has formally applied to rename New Zealand Aotearoa and restore Maori names in all towns and cities.

“Tangata Jabwa is sick because of the names of our ancestors,” party co-leader Rivery Vetti said in a statement on Tuesday.

According to the request, New Zealand will become Auterwa and all towns and cities will be renamed from their original T-Rio Maori names by 2026.

“It is a great time that T ر Rio Maori has been restored to its rightful place as the first and official language of this country. We are Polynesian, we are Autorva,” Vetti said.

The changes would mean Auckland would become Tamaki Macau Rao, Hamilton would become Crackerro, Wellington would become T. Wanganoi-a-Tara, Christ Church would become Attahi, and Dunedin would become Tiputi. T Rio Maori Country Map..

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When Rio Maori became the official language of New Zealand The Maori Language Act was signed in July 1987..

Since then, the names of various places have been changed to their T-Rio Maori names.

Grab a screen from the Maori language New Zealand Outrewa map.


Grab a screen from the Maori language New Zealand Outrewa map.

Wellington City Council voted to change the name in March 2020. Waripuri St. in Brahampur. That whole St., After a Maori chief in the 1800s.

While the T-strip Maori proposal will be a dramatic name change for some places, there will be no change under the proposal for others because they have already used the T-Maori name. This includes Taupō. Tirangi, Pekikari, and Hoktika. Wanganoi, Which controversially added “h” to its name in 2015. For the original Maori name to be true, no further change is required.

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