The Auckland Vaccine Program Director hopes for a record-breaking week.

A record 220,000 Aucklanders could be vaccinated this week, but the system will carry every available capacity.

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Drive through the vaccination clinic at the Free Wesleyan Church in Tonga.
Image: RNZ / Mariner Fagaiava-Muller

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wants to feed as many people in Auckland as possible at last week’s Alert Level 4, and then tell bookers to move on.

Anthony Jordan, clinical director of the city’s three district health boards’ vaccination programs, told RNZ he wanted to break the previous record of 190,000 vaccinations a week, which had been set before the epidemic.

He said that their capacity was about 220 220,000.

“On our heyday, the third of September, we gave over 31,000 vaccines … and we did it comfortably,” he said.

He said he would love to do this every day and has plenty of options to provide with a handful of drive centers, 13 large community centers, 130 GPs and 40 pharmacies.

“They all have to work hard to get things done,” he said.

“This is a great opportunity to protect Aucklanders,” said Auckland GP Api Telmitonga.

“When we are in level 4, there are no schools open, most of us are working from home, you have nothing to do in the city or elsewhere. Go and get vaccinated,” he said. “

He said that last weekend, about 4,000 people were vaccinated by Tongan Drive and DHBs should be active in reaching out to everyone.

Dr Jordan said he was in the final stages of setting up mobile testing units.

They offer coveted 19 tests in alleyways where there may be less coverage or where people are struggling to get to a clinic.

“People have talked about music to tell them – like Mr. Whippe Wayne – that we’re on the road. The sites we’ve built,” he said.

GP Mater helps run a drive-by vaccination center in Harvard Papakura Mare, reaching 200 to 300 people a day.

He said the call for more people to have an injection this week was great, but a clinic like this needed more resources.

She wanted to increase the speed she observed as more and more people saw the vaccine to their friends and family and wanted one.

It all came back for access.

“I still hear about the struggles and challenges of booking vaccines, so I encourage people to take advantage of the drive through walk-ins and clinics so you don’t have to book,” said Dr. Harvard. “

If the system reaches its maximum, and depending on the number of first and second doses given, more than 80% of Auckland’s 1.4 million eligible people could take at least one dose by that time next week.


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