The council’s reorganization aims to strengthen leadership as it competes for 140 positions.

Heather Shooter, chief executive of Palmerston North City Council, says she will have to wait for carbon neutrality advice.

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Heather Shooter, chief executive of Palmerston North City Council, says she will have to wait for carbon neutrality advice.

The recent reorganization at Palmerston North City Council has only played a small part in increasing vacancies within the organization.

The council has 140 vacancies, out of a total of 670, which its chief executive, Heather Shooter, attributed to a highly competitive, highly competitive labor market.

He said the recent reorganization within the council was designed to strengthen leadership and was a “relatively important factor” in the overall staff shortfall.

The shooter said the reshuffle resulted in a net addition of seven new characters.

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The reason for the changes was to help enable efficient growth.

“Adjustments have been made to strengthen leadership capacity and capability as the council renews its 10-year plan to better manage the city’s development curve,” he said.

Local government New Zealand could not provide figures on how many vacancies there are in other city, district and regional councils, but President Stuart Crosby said the kind of skills they need are in “extremely low supply”. ۔

He said the government, through its reform programs, has widely demanded that staff councils be made to function.

“As a result, we are competing with both the central government and the private sector for planners, engineers and willing staff.”

“Cheap rates are a big problem for councils,” he said. “Our pockets are not deep enough to sustain it.”

Crosby said it was difficult to see a solution, as the association would not want to open the border to bring in more workers unless it was secure, and it was not possible for the government to slow down its reform program. ۔

In the city council’s finance department, six new positions were created, four were destabilized, one was reassigned and five more staff were sought.

In the customer area, two people whose roles were unstable were reassigned to the newly created roles.

Three staff members have been laid off in the chief executive’s unit, and recruitment is underway to fill two new positions.

In a reorganization area called “Building on Success”, 11 positions were dropped, and 17 new positions were created.

So far four people have been re-employed, no one has been laid off, and nine jobs are yet to be filled.

The council was using various networks as well as recruitment firms to help attract people to work for Palmerston North and especially the City Council.

A 2019 campaign called “Make Your Mark – Work in Palmyra” which attracted thousands of views and more than 100 applications for expert council roles are likely to be fresh and running again.

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