The mayor of Queenstown wants the police to plan for the future to avoid 19 border crossings.

Queen Steven Lakes District Mayor Jim Bolt wants to know what police will do to prevent another breach of lockdown laws and a possible spread of Covid 19 in the local community.

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Queen Town Mayor Jim Bolt.
Image: RNZ / Belinda McCammon

Bolt said he was outraged when police said an Auckland couple used their essentials at a boundary checkpoint to go to Hamilton and then We flew to our vacation home in Wanaka..

Police described it as “calculating and deliberately violating Alert Level 4 restrictions.”

A 26-year-old woman and a 35-year-old man will be arraigned in court this week for violating a health order.

Bolt said. Morning report. The selfish act jeopardized the city’s cowardly status and economic well-being, and he will consult with the police on the matter.

“I don’t just do it out of selfishness of people who think it’s okay to do that,” he said.

“We are very careful about what we do here to protect not only our health but also our livelihood from the effects of Cove 19 and some people decide by chance to leave Auckland.

“Now hopefully they don’t have Covid 19 and chances are that’s probably it.

Bolt said this was not the first incident of its kind and now wants a plan to reduce the risk of people slipping across warning-level borders in the region.

“We let someone else come here last week under similar circumstances, so if people are really determined to break the rules, they will find a way to break the rules.”

“I don’t know the details of this particular couple, but it looks like they were on a pre-arranged route to get here. It wasn’t just a casual decision, they planned it.

“Do they think about the people who are potentially endangering them. I don’t think so. But my question today is to the police and how do we make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

With the government reviewing the Coveted 19 alert level for Auckland and the rest of the country this afternoon, Bolt said everyone is hoping the incident will not affect any decision. The pair will be crucial to the 19 Tests.

“I hope the tests will pass very quickly and obviously I hope these people don’t have Covid 19 but if they do it explicitly it puts the whole thing in the ‘now what’ department.”


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