The son of a high-ranking official charged after leaving Vanaka during the lockdown.

Auckland man who allegedly violated. Coved 19 lockdown rules He is the son of a high-ranking government official when he went home on holiday.

The 35-year-old and his partner, a 26-year-old woman, crossed the Auckland Alert Level 4 border to give workers the necessary exemptions.

He then allegedly flew to Hamilton Airport before heading to his holiday home in Wanaka, which police described as a “calculated and deliberate violation” of the rules.

Police released details of the incident Sunday, but did not say when.

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One of the man’s parents is a high-ranking government official.

When contacted, he referred questions to his lawyer, Auckland Barrister Rachel RedQC. Equipment on Monday.

Reid said his client did not comment on the allegations.

She said she was preparing a suppression petition, which would include details of the man’s parents’ profession.

A neighbor said police visited the holiday home several times over the weekend.

The owner of a part of the property said. Equipment He was unaware of the violation

“Jepper mate, you took off my socks,” the man said after being told of the allegations.

He said he was “absolutely terrified” and called the couple’s actions “self-defeating.”

A man and his accomplice will face court when they violated the Alert Level 4 lockdown rules by flying to Wanaka.

Not for syndication.

A man and his accomplice will face court when they violated the Alert Level 4 lockdown rules by flying to Wanaka.

Police said the man and his accomplice would be prosecuted for violating the official Kuwaid 19 health order when he left his residence in the Alert Level 4 area after leaving for the approved necessary personal movement. But failed to return.

He will be summoned to court next week, police said.

It is not clear how the pair were caught.

He has since returned to Auckland.

Stuff has asked police for further comment on the incident.

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