Wow: The canceled show cost Wellington City Council up to 5 5 million.

Equipped with cash, Wellington City Council will have to pay a maximum of 5 5 million after writing the privately run World of Wearable Art Show, which has been canceled this year due to epidemic restrictions.

The council agreed. Unanimously Writing the event for five years in February, he added. مقامی 28 million to the local economy The last time it was held in the capital was in 2019.

But amid uncertainty about the ban on the current Cove 19, WOW organizers decided last week to cancel the show, which was originally scheduled to open on September 30.

Mayor Andy Foster said Monday that the council’s responsibility is limited to the بد 5 million “worst case scenario,” but final figures are expected to fall short.

The mayor said the council would need to borrow money for the bailout but would not have to break the borrowing limit.

This comes amid a number of other demands on local wallets, which have raised rates by an average of 13.5% this year.

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WOW was last held in 2019 in Wellington. Canceled in 2020. And then this year Due to an epidemic

Foster said the show has attracted more than 700,000 viewers in 15 years running in Wellington, including 41,000 domestic and international visitors in 2019.

The mayor said the show was important to the Wellington economy.

“The arts and creativity sector has emphasized the importance of year-round programs that are important for sustainable employment for producers, performers, set creators, visual, sound and lighting suppliers,” he said. In the areas of retail, housing and hospitality.

“We need to bring back the ecosystem of creative people because they are the ones who make our city the capital of vibrant arts and culture,” Foster said.

Two cancellations due to the Cove 19 epidemic mean the WOW show has not been in Wellington since 2019.


Two cancellations due to the Cove 19 epidemic mean the WOW show has not been in Wellington since 2019.

World of Wear Art Limited is wholly owned by sisters Dame Susie Moncreaf and Heather Palmer, both based in the Nelson area.

Wow chief executive David Tangi said the final bill to the council, expected within a month, would be less than 5 5 million, but he could not say how much. The council will cover most of the costs already incurred, including payments to contractors and some staff salaries.

He said Moncroft and Palmer would not take royalties this year.

Wow chief executive David Tangi said the council's underwriting payment would come in at less than 5 million.

Braden Foster / Equipment.

Wow chief executive David Tangi said council underwriting payments would come in at less than 5 5 million.

No insurance companies will cover the 2021 event because of the uncertainty associated with epidemics. Tengi said this meant he could move forward with the council’s cooperation.

Councilor Diane Calvert, chairman of the Finance and Performance Committee, said council staff needed to know where the money came from. “We don’t have just 5 5 million left. Is there a lower cost that we can use? Do we have to increase our debt?

Wellington City Councilor Diane Calvert says

Kevin Stent / Things.

“We don’t have just ڈالر 5 million left,” said Wellington City Councilor Diane Calvert.

Councilor Sean Rush said the vote to write the event was apolitical with broad political support, and he would vote to do so again. But he thought that the personality in question should have been made public.

Councilor Nicola Young said the payment was “not ideal” given the current state of the council’s books, but Wah was one of the city’s largest economic partners. He said the money was not a gift because it came with an agreement that WOW would stay in Wellington.

Councilor Jill Day, who chairs the social, cultural and economic committee, said the show was good for the city’s economy and attracted people out of town when it ran. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but with some support from the council, I’m sure it will come back and be better in the future.

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