Cove 19: ‘Nothing lags behind Auckland when it comes to vaccines’ – PM

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director-General of Health Dr. Ashley Bloomfield are updating the government’s response to the Delta outbreak.

Check out the official Covedition 19 update here:

There is 15 new cases of Covid 19 in the community today., Dr. Bloomfield said.

Ardern, meanwhile, says the topic of the last few days has been “vaccinated with a special focus on vaccines, vaccines, timaki macaroons, in which we plan to have them at level 4 last week.”

Nothing lags behind us in Auckland when it comes to vaccines.

“There is room for 220,000 doses of the vaccine in the region this week.”

Ordner says that if 130 people get their first dose this week, “Aucklanders will get 80% coverage of the first vaccination in a week’s time.”

She reiterates that the vaccine “literally saves lives and prevents hospitalization.”

Arden says there are about 90,000 places in Auckland to get the vaccine this week.

“More than 100 GPs and 30 pharmacies are now providing vaccinations in Auckland.”

Through Auckland Airport Park and Drive, the sites and Trust Arena in Henderson can receive up to 5,000 vaccinations per day. “No booking required.”

She says a vaccination clinic has been set up in Papakuramare where people with disabilities will be given priority.

It is open at 29 Hanua Road, Papakura from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. No booking required.

The Northern Region Health Coordination Center will make its debut. [vaccination] Stay this Thursday

“The initial plan is to move to areas where we know the number of vaccinations is low or people do not have easy access to vaccination services. It has to be increased to 12. “

The government has said. It is based on its elimination strategy. As health officials focus on seven Auckland suburbs this week, they are thought to be involved in the recent Covid 19 ‘mystery’ affair.

This morning, Ordner said. Morning report. Auckland will not need 19 cases of zero mystery to move beyond the Level 4 lockdown, but good oversight testing rates Will give more reassurance.

Yesterday, the cabinet decided in principle that Tamaki Makurao would go to Alert Level 3 next week and review the settings on Monday.



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