Coved 19 Update: 15 new cases in the community.

There are 15 new cases of Covid 19 in the community, the Ministry of Health has announced.

An employee wearing protective clothing tests the corona virus in a laboratory as the disease continues to spread, in the Russian city of Arkhangelsk.

Image: AFP

Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield says there are no LinkedIn cases today.

Dr. Bloomfield said that since yesterday a case that was not linked to the epidemic has now been added.

He said that 10 cases of epidemic have not been linked to epidemic diseases so far.

Bloomfield says the focus of the investigation is on the following suburbs – Macy’s, Mangere, Fiona, Papatoto, Manorwa and Atara.

Anyone with symptoms of the common cold is urged to get tested.

Families with children are urged to test together, he said.

So far this month, 15,685 essential workers in the Auckland area have been tested with no positive cases.

“We are now focusing our efforts on contact tracking on 1,242 contacts that are under active management. This is a change in the overall context of reporting for the entire epidemic. The number of contacts under active management is now very low. “… most of our contacts have either returned negative tests or have been exposed more than 18 days ago and we are not generating a significant number of new contacts outside the home.”

“Last week, a sample of pucca mountain received a positive result of dirty water.”

Bloomfield says Public Health has advised that there were four cases in the area that were in quarantine but have now returned home. “It simply came to our notice then.

There is no other “unexpected discovery” of wastewater samples in Auckland or across the country that has yielded positive results.

Tomorrow, Ministry. There were 33 new community cases reported from Kwid 19..


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