Mark Reason: Emma Radukano, Leila Fernandez is a symbol of the happy rebirth of tennis.

OpinionIt may be autumn in New York, but it feels like the end of spring at the reborn US Open. Tennis has spent the last few years of its life in the past, so it was thrilling to see the joy and hope and the youngsters came back to the court. It was thrilling to see two young men playing with a smile that they were really having fun.

Emma Radukano and Leila Fernandez head to the final Grand Slam tournament of the year. From the memory of the past, from the memory of the champions of the past, in the symbol of hope. Two such inspiring young women enjoyed playing with such a joie de vivre. Looks like they’re telling us it’s their time and that’s it.

They pinched our hearts and pinched their knees, or at least 18-year-old Radukano when she slipped into the concrete near the moment of victory. Born to a Romanian father and a Chinese mother in Canada, fluent in English and Mandarin, she is truly a woman of the world. Radukano moved to England when she was two years old and played for Britain, but of course she represents us all.

Qualifier Emma Radukano won the US Open by a miraculous run.

Qualifier Emma Radukano won the US Open by a miraculous run.

The same thing applies with urgency. Fernandez, 19. A father has a child born in Ecuador and a mother whose family came to Canada from the Philippines. On the way to the finals, she defeated Naomi Osaka, Angelique Kerber, Elena Svetolina and Ariana Sabalinka, each top seed, or past big winner, or both.

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So don’t say that Fernandez lost. How can you be a loser when you get all this before your 20th birthday, then speak like this from a crowded Arthur Ashe Stadium. “I hope I can be as strong and resilient as New York has been for the last 20 years. Thank you for always keeping my back. Thank you for always being happy for me. I love you.” , New York.

Canada's Leila Anne Fernandez celebrates with the runner-up trophy.

Elsa / Getty Images

Canada’s Leila Anne Fernandez celebrates with the runner-up trophy.

It was a moment of great grace for the youth to pay homage to a city by referring to the horrors of 9/11. And it didn’t look like it was written for him. It was as if it had come to my heart.

And this is a challenge for both Radukano and Fernandez. Professional sports can suck your soul like a dementia that is feeding human happiness. It is repetitive and toxic. It doesn’t want to let you go until it converts every last drop of blood into dollars. Just ask Osaka, who is taking a break from tennis at the age of 23.

Sky game

Emma Radukano defeated Leila Fernandez to win the US Open women’s final

You can ask Novak Djokovic the same question. When he first appeared on the scene 15 years ago, he was the talk of the town. The ‘Joker’ can come out during the suspension of the game and entertain the crowd with some particularly impressive impressions of the top players.

But they soon stopped. Roger and Rafa weren’t going to light up. There are brands for safety. And so Novak was absorbed in the rental machine like everyone else. The Joker was inhuman. Long ago he was playing and talking like an automaton. Oh, of course, he was successful, unilaterally successful, but he missed more. He wanted to like

So ironic and triumphant that in his moment of greatest frustration, when he was considered the first man to win a calendar slam since Rod Lever in 1969, Djokovic must have played his most miserable tennis, yet perhaps Experience her happy moment

Novak Djokovic sits on the bench during the men's singles final against Devil Medvedev.

John Manchelo / AP

Novak Djokovic sits on the bench during the men’s singles final against Devil Medvedev.

Djokovic defeated Daniel Medvedev 6-4 6-4 6-4. Was hitting some of the most disappointing shots of his career. He had two defects in two opening service games. Initially, he could not kill Far Hand. There were eight unforgivable mistakes in the first three games. In the second set, a backhand was thrown halfway through the net to gain break points. Three times he broke his racket with rare rage and dropped it into the concrete.

The walls were closing and he was mentally exhausted. And we thought we’ve ever seen it? We were half scared of Djokovic’s intelligence. Can such a proud man find a way to accept this humiliation?

Even as he stumbled, someone in the crowd held up a banner with a picture of Djokovic in the center, announcing, “Like it or not … the biggest of all time.” And you got it. Many people don’t like it because Djokovic doesn’t play beautiful tennis. And we love the aesthetics of our great sports stars. We want them to play beautiful games.

Russia's Daniel Medvedev celebrates winning the 2021 US Open.

Sarah Steer / Getty Images

Russia’s Daniel Medvedev celebrates winning the 2021 US Open.

But none of that mattered much. As Djokovic parted, the crowd gathered and fell in love with him for his weakness and extraordinary feat of being one match away from Calendar Salem. He had one run in 27 consecutive victories. He was brave. And when the heroes circle the final headland, they often fail.

So when Djokovic found his losing savior, the crowd cheered for him and roared like never before. And this man, who was so cruel to the upbringing, fell under the weight of love. He thought he had to win the game. And now he knew that losing was the sweetest moment.

Djokovic said: “I want to say that tonight, although I did not win the match, my heart is full of joy and I am the happiest man, because you guys made me feel so special. You guys made my soul. Touched. “

Emma Radukano and Leila Anne Fernandez after the US Open women's singles final.

Bello / Getty Images

Emma Radukano and Leila Anne Fernandez after the US Open women’s singles final.

It was a moment to be cherished. It was a moment you hope Radocano and Fernandez both saw and embraced. It’s about who you are, not what you are. So when in the moment of victory these two amazing young female athletes, who play with such sweet time and expectation, are told that they have become “role models”, please, please, listen. Cover up

You are not a role model. Jesus is the only boy who can play this gig. You are young women who are playing the game as it should. And for that, the Queen congratulates you both and all of us. You brought spring to the United States in September. You touched our hearts for a fortnight. Now go ahead and live your life.

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