Matt Gala: Taika Vetti and Rita Ora loved it on the red carpet.

The night of fashion is finally back.

Taika Vetti and Rita Ora arrived at the Met Gala.

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Taika Vetti and Rita Ora arrived at the Met Gala.

Vogue Corps star Lorde has hit the red carpet at his third Met Gala, and not far behind was Kiwi Taika Vetti.

Speaking on the red carpet, Larde, who described himself as an “outsider” in the United States, said this year’s event had an “amazing energy” that resembles “America as we know it.” Felt

The lord is wearing a custom design by Bod.

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New Zealand director Taika Vetti walks the red (technically cream) carpet with her pop star girlfriend Rita Ora.

The couple shared a fascinating moment with television host Jimmy Fallon before climbing the holy steps at the Metropolitan Museum.

Ora is wearing a stunning two-piece number from Prada, filled with a bejeweled namecor that writes her name and Viti’s matches in Prada Tux.

Ora R.Clearly sparked engagement rumors. Hiding her wedding ring in a social media post.

Billy Elish shows Marilyn Monroe floating on the runway at her Met Gala debut in her dreamy shy Oscar de la Renta dress.

In her first Met Gala, New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cartes made a bold political and fashion statement. Ocasio-Cartes chose to wear Brother Valleys in a white gown with the words “green tax” in large red letters.

The first great joy from the crowd of spectators came with his arrival. Mound Star Timothy Chalmet, who is one of the co-chairs of this year’s events.

As many of us can see from home, Chalamite is wearing track paint. He is dressed in all his white, which he calls “my tribute to Chuck Taylor,” paired with Rick Owens Top and Haider Ackerman Blazer.

Lil Nass X did not back down from his gala debut. Taking an address from Lady Gaga’s playbook. Monteiro During his entry, the artist showed all three items of clothing falling through the jaws by Donatella Versa.

The first was a Regal Golden Cape with a long train and a lot of money. Lil Nass poured it out to show off his gold body full body suit. In a demonstration of maximum fit, Lil Nass reportedly left the best with a tight suit of skin covered in glittering crystals and variegated prints.

To celebrate her mixed heritage, four-time tennis grand slam winner Naomi Osaka stepped into the sensational Louis Vuitton costume with a 50-meter silk hem and a watercolor design by Osaka’s sister Marie.

Iman entered Lager the Life Luck through designer Harris Reid. Not sure if you sit in something like that, but it sounds incredible.

The ever-present Pat Davidson has arrived in Tham Brown. In a very funny interview with Vogue The host with Cake Palmer Davidson said he wore the brand because he invited me. The Saturday star said he was looking forward to “seeing people” at the event and chose to wear sunglasses so people wouldn’t stare at him.

Poet Amanda Gorman, who co-hosted the event, looks incredible in an electric blue Vera Wang dress. Gorman was a memorable part of the 2021 US presidential inauguration for Joe Biden, where he presented his poem. We climb the hill. . His vision here is just as far-sighted.

Continuing the presidential note, Vice President Kamala Harris’s stepdaughter, Ella Amov, arrives in a red body suit with Stella McCartney jewelry.

Like her show Shot Creek, Dan Levy’s outfit is charming and political. Her custom map-printed suit by Louie uses a photo of two men kissing from an artwork by American multimedia artist and LGBTQIA + activist David Wozniacki.

On his Instagram, Levy said he wanted to “celebrate strange love and exposure with his clothes – acknowledging how difficult artists like Wozniacki had to fight, while also presenting a picture in a way that Gave a message of hope

Tonight, we are celebrating flexibility, love, and community while honoring an important American voice that was taken from us too soon.

Tennis legend Serena Williams is wearing a wide sequin body suit and an ombre feeder cap. She looks incredible, but her four-year-old daughter Olympia wasn’t too impressed, as she was seen in an Instagram story telling her mother, “You look like a monster.” ۔

Australian singer Troy Seven has given his Instagram followers a preview of his outfit, posting a video in which the star is walking around a beautiful balcony.

After a break from the need for coveted last year, all fashionistas are returning to the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for New York’s largest red carpet event.

For non-beginners, the Met Gala is a spectacular event that serves as the fundraiser for the museum’s costume institute and the official opening of its annual fashion show.

The title of this year’s exhibition. In America: A Dictionary of Fashion., And the relevant official dress code for the gala. American independence

As the stars begin to climb the famous red stairs, you catch what we expect from the gala. جوڑ Everything you need to know..

To take precautions, Gala has ruled out its guest list to allow for better social distance. Guests are required to show proof of vaccination, receive a negative Covid 19 test result before arriving, and are expected to wear a mask at the event. We expect to cover some great faces and see lots of Hawaiian kisses.

There are some notable guides to this year’s event. Earlier this week, Kylie Jenner, who is pregnant with her second child, confirmed that she would not be attending, and told fans: “I’m so sad I couldn’t make it this year.”

Zindaia is also dropping out of the event this year due to work commitments. Zindaia is known for her bold fashion choices and the last time she turned her head at Tommy Hillfiger’s bright Cinderella Luck on the mat gala red carpet in 2019.

More to come.

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