More than 60,000 has been earmarked for the renovation of two New Plymouth Marais.

In Vitara, Owe Marie will receive more than 50,000 for the renovation of Warenui Te Ikaroa-a-Maui.

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In Vitara, Owe Marie will receive more than 50,000 for the renovation of Warenui Te Ikaroa-a-Maui.

The New Plymouth District Council’s iwi committee has agreed to raise more than $ 60,000 to upgrade Du Murray.

At its meeting on Tuesday, T. Hunga Tomatova approved Manokurehi P for 55 55,095.21 and approved an alternative roof and four vented skylights with double glazing for Vehrnoi Te Akruwa-e-Maui in Oye Mare.

A new roof will ensure that Vernoni is safe and warm and, more importantly, that Tonga, such as Vaikro, Tokotoko and Kohai Yi, are no longer in danger and can be maintained for future generations and the wider community. Is. The committee said.

The Okura Pā was approved for $ 9290, which replaces the outer wall and the roof over the Vernoi Mawana Kauya in Okurotawa Mara.

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The report says the sites are needed because of Murray’s location, which is a coastal property and also connected to Okura Awa.

No amount includes GST.

The New Plymouth District Council provides funding for Murray District through the Community Funding Investment Policy, and the Maori Development Grant has a total funding pool of $ 82,500 excluding GST.

Requests for less than ڈالر 10,000 are approved by council officials.

Owe Marre received $ 80,000 last year. The building where the Verkai (kitchen and dining room) is located, to help replace the grant-in-aid from the fund.

It was announced in October last year. 23 Taranaki Mara will receive 7. 7.4 million. The Provincial Growth Fund received $ 360,000 for the upgrade and Oye Mare for the renovation.

But NPDCIIII liaison lead Arroha Chamberlain told the committee through Zoom that the renovation of the main building in Murray was not part of the PGF funding.

“There have been fewer applications than usual, probably because of the PGF and its effects,” Chamberlain said.

Councilor Danny Moho said they were very important – immersed in history and political advocacy.

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