Mo’s bones stolen from the Southland Museum

Police in Southland are seeking information on bones recovered from a flood-damaged camp site near Milford Sound.

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The gun camp has been closed since February 2020 due to flood damage.
Image: Gun camp.

Guns Camp is a historic camp and museum on Holyford Road, about 40 kilometers from Milford Sound.

Moa with heavy feet.  Photo of Alan Tennyson and Paul Martinson's 'Extinct Birds New Zealand'

Moa with heavy feet. Photo of Alan Tennyson and Paul Martinson’s ‘Extinct Birds New Zealand’
Image: Paul Martinson / T. Papa.

It was severely damaged by flash floods in February 2020 and has been closed ever since.

Police said some of Mayo’s bones were taken from the museum shortly after the flood, possibly between July 19 and August 5 this year.

He said that bones consist of bones of hips, legs and feet which are connected by a wire.

Anyone with information about their whereabouts is asked to contact 105 officers.


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