New Zealand grants refugee status on charges of funding Easter bombings

A man who inadvertently helped finance terrorists behind the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka has been granted refugee status in New Zealand.

Sri Lankan military officers stand guard in front of St. Anthony's Church, where the blast occurred in Kochchide, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan military officers stand guard in front of St. Anthony’s Church, where an explosion took place in April 2019 in Kolkata, Sri Lanka.
Image: AFP

Immigration and Protection Tribunal Found The man was not involved in supporting the cause of terrorism, nor did he know who the money went to.

He has heard that he has made several monthly transactions in the money transfer scheme in which his mother-in-law is abroad and a foreign broker.

His Tamil wife was arrested and beaten. 2019 bombings When the police tried to find him. He was released after paying a bribe and the couple went into hiding.

He went to New Zealand on a fake passport and was granted refugee status on appeal in June.

The tribunal ruled that their evidence was “reliable, consistent and compelling”.

“Both the wife and the husband fear harm at the hands of the Sri Lankan authorities as the husband is involved in a money transfer scheme which the authorities believe could be linked to those involved in the Easter 2019 terrorist attacks.

The tribunal is satisfied that the husband was not involved in a scheme to support Islamist terrorist aims or ideas, nor is he aware that if the money he collected went to them, or has come, Who have supported such views.

Given the ongoing pressure on the government to prosecute those responsible for the attacks, it cannot be assumed that the authorities will not use violence and abuse to obtain confessions from the husband or to obtain information that he has. do not have.

It said the husband had “initial” knowledge of the money transfer business he was involved in. He was not a broker but a courier who withdrew cash from Colombo brokers and deposited it in banks, with the details of the account given to him by a foreign broker through his mother-in-law.

He told the tribunal that it was a side business that lasted for about a year but the authorities saw him as a traitor.

“Even though the husband is Sinhalese, [the overseas] Dalal was a Sri Lankan Muslim, and the fact that his wife’s sister was married to a Muslim must have raised flags for the authorities.

“Based on what the police told his wife, authorities believe he may have financed the terrorists involved in the Easter bombings. The husband believes it is possible that the account in which he deposited the money The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of 2,000 people. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of 2,000 people.


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