Orange Pulp is spread over 2 km along the infamous Napier Taupi Road.

Drivers who use The infamous Napier Taupi Road. (State Highway 5) Used for slippery conditions caused by snow or slate – but not orange pulp.

Truck driver Nigel Chapman’s first thought was that he was driving with a crushed apple, but later found out that it was actually orange pulp.

Chapman estimated that the roadside orange juice stretched at least 2km from the highway, 4km south of Travera, and a strange sight occurred around 6.30am on Tuesday.

Waka Kotahi – New Zealand Transport Agency communications consultant Jasmine Higginson said the contractors originally thought it was apple pulp, but later confirmed it was orange pulp.

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* Waka Kotahi will review approximately 18,800 applications on the proposed 80 km / h speed for Napier Tapa Road
* There have been no fatal accidents on Napier Taupa Road since the launch of the ‘City Living 5’ campaign.
* A 100 100 million security upgrade is being planned on the infamous Napier Tauppe Road.
* Residents of Tipho say the low speed limit on Napier Taupi Road is not the answer.

The road was not blocked and the highway remained open. But the road was slippery, and contractors were cleaning up the site overnight.

Police were also notified at 6 a.m. and motorcyclists were advised to take extra precautions when approaching the road.

Inquiries were underway to determine who was responsible for the Orange Squash Highway food.

Napier Taupi Road has gained a reputation for serious and fatal accidents over the past decade.

Truck driver Nigel Chapman was surprised when he came across a 2km orange grove on State Highway 5 on Tuesday morning.


Truck driver Nigel Chapman was surprised when he came across a 2km orange grove on State Highway 5 on Tuesday morning.

Nearly 1,800 people recently shared their views with the Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency. Speed ​​reduction proposal Range from 100kmh to 80kmh on a large stretch of road.

The consultation period ended in June, with 1,791 people commenting on the proposed speed limit from Rangitaiki to the Ore Valley.

If Waka Kotahi decides to move forward with changes in the speed limit on the SH5, it is expected that these changes will be introduced by the end of the year.

NZTA figures show that between 2010 and 2019, 16 people were killed and 75 were seriously injured in accidents on the SH5.

An additional 2.5 2.5 million was saved for security improvements on the SH5. They will be addressed from Ohorakura RD to Wipinga Gorge Lookout Carpark in Le Pehu, and will include side barriers, road signs and fault lines.

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