The drunken driver is traveling with passengers on a limited license through a stop sign.

Azra Blair Downing was over the limit when he drove without stop sign.  (File photo)

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Azra Blair Downing was over the limit when he drove without stop sign. (File photo)

A man with a limited license was caught doubling his drink-driving limit early in the morning after he drove through a stop sign with passengers in his car.

Palmerston North District Court heard Tuesday that Azra Blair Downing was apparently the quietest person in the car.

Downing confessed to driving with suspended and over-the-counter alcohol.

He was picked up by police in Danny Verke on February 28 at 12.50am.

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Police decided to stop him after he was seen driving through the intersection through a stop sign at the High Senate without interruption. There were two passengers in his car.

He inhaled 522 micrograms of alcohol per liter of inhaled alcohol. The legal limit is 250mcg.

He was suspended from driving 10 days ago.

Defense attorney Mark Elderdies said the three were in a car at a party that night. One of the passengers was supposed to be the driver, but stopped drinking.

Alderdice said Downing thought he was the quietest, so he was offered to drive home.

Downing was a trained long line fisherman and had work available.

Judge Lance Rowe said there were two reasons for being suspended 10 days earlier and at a limit, namely not driving with passengers or driving without a supervisor until late at night, before considering alcohol use.

The judge said Downing was a young man with a promise.

“If your future involves the use of alcohol where you make stupid decisions, it becomes a dark future.

“You can do better than that.”

The judge asked Downing to talk to everyone in the car that night about what had happened.

“Someone has to move forward and take responsibility.”

Downing was fined 500 500 and disqualified from driving for six months.

The judge said the disqualification could have been longer, but he wanted Downing to get his full license sooner rather than later.

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