Woman who refuses to wear mask in supermarket returns with men, attacking guard – police.

Two people have been arrested and charged after attacking a security guard in Takanini Pakin Seo.

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In a statement, police said a woman refused to cover her face and became aggressive, then left the store but returned later with two men.

Police said he then slapped the guard and the two men chased the guard with their weapons.

He said a 26-year-old woman had been arrested and charged with failing to cover her face, and a member of Black Power – a 33-year-old man – had been charged with assault with a weapon. Has gone

Police will reassure the supermarket today and ensure that help is available for the victim, he said.

“The police have no tolerance for this behavior, especially for those doing essential work who are going to work who should not tolerate this kind of behavior.”

Countdown supermarkets have also reported. Increased staff attacks Across the country, saying wearing a mask is legal.

There are other cases of non-compliance with public health orders, 73 people have been charged with a total of 77 offenses since the implementation of Alert Level 4, and 165 have been issued regular warnings, police said.

Crossing the Auckland border.

There were also incidents of people trying to cross the Auckland border.

A woman, 33, was arrested in Wangori and charged after traveling from Auckland. Police said he was turned around after trying to leave the Super City, and is believed to have traveled to private property to avoid a police checkpoint.

She is scheduled to appear in Wanguri District Court on September 23.

A 25-year-old man was arrested for violating his bail conditions after being stopped on State Highway 1 in Corey, which passes through Auckland to Northland checkpoints.

Police said he deliberately misinformed officers, saying his bail conditions had changed. He is scheduled to appear in Papua New Guinea District Court on October 4.

A man trying to enter the Auckland area from the south claimed to be going to a pharmacy to get a prescription. He was denied entry after being checked by a police pharmacy.

A total of 102,075 vehicles were stopped at 10 checkpoints between September 1 and midnight last night, of which 1,267 returned for unnecessary travel, police said.

The majority of 83,332 vehicles were stopped at Auckland’s southern border.


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